Seeds For Truth
Seeds For Truth
Seeds For Truth

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Seeds For Truth

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Seeds For Truth has been written with an intent to inspire anyone who comes in contact with it. Since being published in 2017, Josh's books have travelled across the globe falling into the hands of those going within themselves to experience life in a more clear and wholesome way.

Contents include 200+ pages touching on areas which relate to the whole of humanity, the way in which our world is being controlled, in-depth chapters revolving around love, happiness, nature, consciousness and more.

Seeds For Truth is a grounding experience that is suitable for anyone wanting to begin living a spiritual existence, as well as being a refreshing read for those who have already chosen to go down a spiritual path. Not only will the words written truly hit the heart for readers, but Josh has also included 16 images from his favourite collection of world recognised photography to visually enhance his first published book. 

Chapters include:

1. Intention

2. The Illusion

3. Remembering 

4. Self Worth

5. Happiness

6. Love

7. Spirituality

8. Nature

9. Nightmare

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 “Instead of having oxygen circulate around your body in order to continue being alive, how would you live your life differently if we relied on the emotions of love and happiness instead?

All of a sudden those little insignificant issues you tend to dwell on, don’t matter anymore.

Money doesn’t become a priority or even exist as you’ll come to realize that it created more negative energy then positive.

You may start to set your alarms an hour earlier and rise with our greatest gift to life, the Sun.

Walk with the birds singing their morning songs,

Smell the flowers as you pass by,

Watch the trees dance along the way,

Rather than sit in front of the TV and be fed fear for breakfast."

∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞     ∞ 

"Our world will always be based on two options;

Love and Fear,

So if our bodies were to rely on Happiness and Love to survive?

We would choose love,

And fear would never stand in the way,

Of a heart full of happiness."