Flowers For Growth
Flowers For Growth

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Flowers For Growth

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Flowers For Growth is the next instalment from Josh's first book 'Seeds For Truth'.

Having unexpectedly fallen into the world of writing, Josh never thought of having his first book receive such a well-received response, let alone complete writing a second book only a handful of months after finishing Seeds For Truth.

Through self-belief Josh has been able to touch the hearts of people all over the world through both his written words and images published within Seeds For Truth and now hopefully too with Flowers For Growth.

Touching on topics in Flowers For Growth such as the technological age we are experiencing and perhaps how we are rapidly allowing it to take over us and our life a little too much. To the human mechanism on a much deeper scale, that has been written in a way in which it can help a person recognise just how they truly can control every aspect of their life as well as putting this to use with aspirations they would like to see come to life. Religion is dissected in hope that people are able to see the connectedness of all religions and from this we are able to bridge the gap that has been caused through the separation of certain systems. As well as a much more in depth journey into the inner workings of the artist himself with messages throughout the entire book which can be applied to anyones day to day life to promote a more positive based lifestyle.

Flowers For Growth just like Seeds for Truth is again for all types of people, whilst both books touch on spirituality, they are not necessarily spiritual but provide more of a grounding perspective which can be experienced by everyone regardless of how open minded they are.

Josh has once again included a selection of his photography work to accompany the written text as well as never before seen content photographed for Flowers For Growth.

Chapters include:

1. Intention & I

2. Awaking From The Nightmare

3. History B.C

4. The Holy Trinity (You)

5. The Children, Let Them Be

6. Rhythm, Vibration & Sound

7. Humanity

8. Awake


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"On the shore of nothingness

Awaits the tide of everything to come..



Down the white corridor,

Floating on a Winters breeze,

What is it you are thinking of?

Is it happy or is it sad?


At the end of the tunnel,

A flicker of light, a soul stands alone,

What is it you feel?

Is it exciting or is it limping?


When you pass the crossing of time,

A kiss from death, soft, what is it you now see?

Is it what you wished for,

Or is it just what you were given?


As you look back upon the reflection of your life,

With eyes curious upon the portrait painted,

Was it who you truly are,

Or simply, who they told you to be?"