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One thing that has always stood out to me as the most 'rewarding' from such relationships, is the emotion in which I see come out from those who indulge in my work, because when emotion is brought forth, then I know life is being felt through the recipient, gives hope to those who feel hopeless, turns unhappy frowns into smiles, opens perspectives in minds, makes the heart beat with excitement knowing there’s more to existence, inspires those with a dream to continue pursuing such dreams.

That, is what this is about, making people feel, not just think, but truly feel within their own hearts as something stirs inside, because you can gain all the intellect in the world, be considered intelligent by your peers, society and beyond, but intelligence without emotion is nothing but wasted energy.

So to anyone who has found their way to this book of my thoughts, images, expressions, you are here with this psychically in your hand for a reason. There may be the odd spelling error, paragraph in the wrong spot, punctuation mistake, please do not dwell over little things such as this, as it is like enjoying a painting but criticizing the way in which the painting came about, because I never set out to become a writer, I only followed my inner-guidance in doing what I have been told to do in being helpful to others as a part of my job here on Earth.