About Josh


Josh Hedge is an author of 4 books. That offer a space for readers to dive into themselves with an opportunity to broaden their perspective of the beauty in the world, with a gentle approach to ask questions internally and reflect on what it means to be a human in todays societies and structures both externally and internally.  

As well as a facilitator of meditation through sound and breath work which has allowed him to broaden his sharing with others in person through classes, retreats and 1 x 1 sessions. With an intention to allow people to truly surrender into themselves and receive the cellular levelled benefits of sound vibrations.


Having experienced mental illnesses through his late teenage years and periodically, Josh is passionate about opening a safe space for both men and woman to express and accept themselves as they are no matter what state they are in.

 To contact Josh email joshhedgephotography@gmail.com or to follow him on a frequent basis his instagram is @joshhedge