About Josh


 Josh Hedge is currently 24 years old, a self-taught photographer, life admirer, and now author living in his much loved town of Byron Bay, Australia. 

  At the age of 19, being without a job at the time and having struggled with depression for numerous years throughout his late teens, he bought his first camera, an old DSLR off of a friend, instantly discovering a passion for photography and having the ability to finally express himself, he started sharing his perspective of the world through images with others online.

   Because of the inspirational and experimental nature of his work though both digital and analogue formats, he began receiving a lot of positive feedback that resulted in the gain of many new fans. What started off as a simple hobby that was used for Josh to break through his wall of depression, eventually turned into a great experience to do what he loves for a living.

   Many opportunities were taken with open arms since: traveling overseas and across Australia for work, to shoot covers of magazines, editorials, album covers, solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, meeting people he’s looked up to his whole life and connecting with companies he’d never thought of even being in the same room with; let alone collaborating with them. A free-spirit that loves to inspire others by exploring new places and being grateful for every aspect life has to offer.

  Although, ever since Josh was young, he had a very strong intuitive feeling that something wasn’t right in regards to the current systems that our societies are run by and how we are told to live within such societies. The governments, health industry, workforce, and just about everything didn’t make sense to him. It was almost like the world was back to front… and it really is!

  After meeting like-minded people, having surreal experiences of synchronicity and endless amount of research, Josh had the idea to start writing about his discoveries that seemed to go hand in hand perfectly with his lifelong beliefs.

   Only two months after his first thought of writing a book, ‘Seeds For Truth’ was complete, the goal being to reveal both the truth of what is going on, why it’s happening, with an intent of empowering humans in realizing their fullest potential that will hopefully blossom into an awakening for people.

The combination of inspiring knowledge with Josh’s personal collection of emotive visual images is destined to invoke a perception shift in many people. Josh is honored to help serve humanity, as he always felt there was something inside of him wanting to give back on a much larger scale, his true purpose had remained a mystery to him, until now, with a second book already underway.