Sound Meditation

What I like to open in spaces for people is a place for them to completely slow down, relax and rejuvenate themselves on a cellular level through breath work that connects us into our natural rhythms with the combination of putting complete awareness onto our breath in a way that expands our diaphragms and moves us into breathing that is deep, elongated and deliberate. The sounds I provide allow the analytical mind to move aside with rhythms and vibrations that can open us into a space of surrender. I have held many sessions and each time I am fascinated by the experiences people take away from the space, whether it be deep spiritual journeys, dropping deep into their bodies or feeling a sense of freedom from the minds chatter as well as many healing aspects. My sessions can go between 45-90 minutes depending on the environment, I prefer longer if possible. Overall I can only hope that in the space provided people are able to just stop momentarily and feel into the subtleness of our bodies, mind and environment around us with an appreciation for each moment.

IMG_0300 from josh hedge on Vimeo.


"I had the pleasure of having my first ever didgeridoo sound healing with josh hedge. I didn’t know what to fully expect I just knew that I was open and ready to experience anything. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. When josh started playing - I was utterly transported. My whole body, mind and spirit was lit alight. I felt cracked open and the sound of the didgeridoo led by josh touched and healed me in ways I had not anticipated. The sound is so primal and beautiful and I left feeling deeply reconnected to not only my body, but the earth and universe. Highly recommend."


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