Fruits For Love
Fruits For Love

Josh Hedge Photography

Fruits For Love

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Fruits For Love is the third instalment to Josh's two books 'Seeds For Truth' and 'Flowers For Growth'. Bringing the simplicity and wholesomeness back into everyday living, Fruits For Love explores the ideas of how we over complicate our lives with many things that don't serve us to our highest potential. Touching on the way in which we can live our lives in a much more grateful and appreciative way for simply just being here and experiencing the beauty within and around us. From the way we perceive ourselves to the way we can interact with Nature as a whole and the animal kingdom in a much deeper and more meaningful way, Fruits For Love is relevant to everyone whether they have a deep understanding of themselves or beginning their journey of self exploration, the contents inside can strike a chord with everyone in a calming, engaging and positive way. 
Just like Seeds For Truth and Flowers For Growth that were accompanied with photographic work, Fruits For Love is also published with 14 selected images by Josh from his portfolio of artwork to inspire others through the visual and written content.
Chapters include;
What if?                                                                   
Bridging The Gap                                                 
But First, Love Yourself.                                     
Dreamer By Day                                                  
I think to myself “What A Wonderful World”   
Poems For Unity 

We blindly think we are advancing

See clearly and we are declining

We have collectively taken a knife

And cut ourselves from connecting to life

We have become controlled by greed

And neglect all those in need

We view success only as material

But fail to know our Ethereal

We fear death and its inevitability

And forget to live simply for its beauty

Our existence becomes bitter and cold

Until we are fragile, weary and old

Even though inside resides an inner child

Ready to adventure, laugh and run wild

To create and make use of imagination

And to see the world with admiration

If only we begin to unite

Realise there is no need to fight

To end the destruction of Earth

And give a new way of life birth

For the people of today

Who all deserve a say

For the children of tomorrow

To blossom and freely grow

Let’s make the world a better place

And bring peace to the human race