Sunrise Flow

"There is something about the period of time just before then Sun gently rises above that crossing of line to begin a new day, that draws me back silently on an almost daily basis. Each experience is as if I am not just seeing, but feeling so deeply for the first time. I am in constant awe of how something I see so continuously that is relatively unchanged, can be so unknown and yet so different, yet still the same. It’s as if you come to know a Tree so fondly, yet her branches are ever growing, morphing, expanding. And with each season she gifts us with colours to fill our senses. During these sacred moments I feel a magnitude of humbleness. There is an essence of mystery, as it seems like there is actually nothing that needs to be done in the day to come because everything is already in perfect harmony and order. It makes us as humans seem silly for simply not merging with this harmonious rhythm that has been singing its song for millions of years. As the waves gently dance along the shoreline and glisten like the stars above and a calming breeze floats across my ears as if all of those questions were being answered in one simple breath. My feet placed upon the Earth and all I can do is surrender my entire being to all that is, and in return I learn that all that is, is simply me. I close my eyes, and all I have to do is breathe. Home."

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