Ode to the Feminine

There will come times in life when you cross paths with energies that gently awaken something deep within you that you may not even have known to exist. It’s quite fascinating, isn’t it? That there are aspects of ‘you’ that have been there this whole time, silently, patiently existing, just without recognition. The beautiful thing about this crossing of paths, is that they will awaken it within you, just as you awaken it within them. When I am with these women I feel a sense of wholeness that can only occur when the masculine and feminine have united in complete, egoless harmony. And although we each within us hold the energies of masculine and feminine, there is something so sacred about uniting in the deepest of honour within one another. When I look into their eyes I see youth, innocence and purity, a sense of limitlessness within their gaze that sings a melody of magic into the rhythm of my being as I too look out into the vast open fields of existence and see myself there too. But it isn’t the youth that pierces into my soul. If you look deep enough beyond the perception of surface, you will see power in its truest form, Goddesses. Woman are the givers of life, they are the echoes that hauntingly call us back into the ancient times and if you listen long enough without the mind interrupting, you will come to remember of the wisdom in which they humbly hold, that we once bowed to in utter reverence. Perhaps somewhere along the line of humanity, Men began to fear Woman, maybe they felt insecure in themselves because they began to lose sight of the inner knowing that comes from an understanding of who we are, and how to live with harmony both as a race and with Nature, our greatest Mother the Earth. We began to separate ourselves from our great givers of life and a great destruction commenced. Where we looked at the world not as our nurturer, healer, provider, but as a lifeless, emotionless state in which we thought with nothing but ego driven actions that we can take much more then we needed, ruining a practice that had lasted for tens of thousands of years amongst cultures. Where we began to take the lives of many Forests who had been breathing selflessly providing rich Oxygen for us to exist, we took these down within seconds and made their millions of years of growth seem pointless at the expense of our spiteful greed and hunger for more and more control. We began to pollute our sacred waters with chemicals that have been made by Man and his need to taint the purity of our Mothers perfect balance that she offers us, as our waters began to change colours and be filled with waste, for Man cannot control his need to over produce and has not learnt the lessons of karma. We began to see Woman as beneath us, even though with pure strength and integrity they rose us up from birth onwards and wish only to stand as equal. As we created sexism, and suppressed the energies, that we within us hold, yet because of the control of systems we have all but forgotten these energies within us, as we have become closed off and our flowers of emotion do not shine anymore and are merely sagging towards the bottomless pits of numbing darkness. We became cold, bitter, resentful within ourselves, as we unconsciously were brainwashed into thinking being strong was to puff our chest out big and tough, yet this is simply a façade as behind the curtains of flesh, bones, ligaments and muscle lies a sad, lonely heart that has forgotten what it is like to beat with the other hearts in this world. In our lacking in the ability to be vulnerable towards other Men and Woman, we became isolated souls living within the constraints of the minds workings and its mechanical way of existing which leaves us a programmed vessel operating as if we were produced in a factory and put on autopilot from birth until death, yet our hearts are yearning to be touched by the soft hands of life and shaken from our misery into a world of wonder. Decade after decade has gone by, and we still face the same mentality towards ourselves and our Sisters, the damage lingers within all of us from past generations of patterns and neglect. A great resistance still hovers, and it’s ironic, the more we try and fight this resistance, the more rigid we will continue to feel, yet if we collectively united and let go, there would be no fight anymore, no back and forth within our minds concepts of who we need to be in the eyes of society with its desires to put us in categories of sex, religion, status, wealth. If we collectively dropped the concepts and simply stood by one another, hands in hands, heart to heart as human beings, we would remember. All of the hatred, the fear and worry would wash away as an embrace of Love now wraps us in her arms. The Mother would without judgement welcome us back into her sanctuary to sing her songs once more. We would know of peace, just like it used to be.

So let this be an invitation to my brothers, simply ask yourself  ”are you seeing others as they are, or are you seeing them how you’ve been told to see them?”

If you go within and sit with this question, I can guarantee you will then see outwardly in a way you have never known. The guards that you have been holding up from letting yourself be seen, they can gently be dropped, the armour is of no use anymore, because there never was, and never will be any enemies outside, it is all within. If you find peace within your inner conflict of the mind, you will feel peace in everyone you come across. There is no need to supress Woman because you’re only trapping yourself from expanding and simply suppressing the feminine in you, begin to show your inner emotion, your energy in motion, and you will come to know a strength of knowing that will allow you stand tall, like a giant thousand-year-old tree, you will be firm, grounded, and guess what’s keeping you there? The feminine, the Mother. Let us not forget what has happened between us, but simply acknowledge that it is time for change. These old concepts are far out dated and are nothing but a waste of energy feeding into anymore. Wounds take time to heal, but the more we ad cuts to the wounds the more we prolong the process of healing, it is only when we stand together will we then allow healing to occur and a renewed way of existing. It is easier just let go and allow Love to flood through our rivers of veins then it is to resist and try to block the flow with Fear. For it is like trying to put a stop to the Oceans tides, Love will always be flowing and it is only us within our minds who pretend like it isn’t there. Allow your Oceans to surge like they have never surged before and allow the art of receiving to be welcomed into your life, when you come across other beings whose cup is not just full, but overflowing, you will then become friends with Love on an unconditional frequency, it is here we can all meet as one. Invite this into your life, look at your brothers and see them for who they are, they are not your enemy, neither is better than the other and there is no pecking order, forget the pack mentality and simply see your brothers for the beautiful Men within. This is fundamental for us as males, so we can then turn in the other direction and then see Woman and the depth of life in which they behold in their beings, the eternal flowers who have bloomed us into this world. Look them in the eye, go far behind, and into their world, when you’re there, you won’t even need to speak, and you will have nothing more to learn, for what you will feel has been dancing for many Full Moons before time itself began.


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