INTERVIEW w/ ROSIE SAYERS ~ digital collage & mixed media artist

What is your name / current mood / medium used for expression


Rosie Sayers / warm and content from cuddles from my cat / hand cut and digital collage with mixed media.


Was there a moment of ‘awakening’ so to speak which changed your life dramatically?

A few years ago after ending a loving 6 year relationship, I moved 3 hours from my family and friends to Melbourne city. I had to teach myself to be comfortable with my own company and feeling alone through such heartbreak. Through this journey, I found my art being the most comforting and self re assuring tool. 
It brought me so much joy on a deeper level and taught me a lot about the relationship I have with myself. 

Do you believe in spirituality being a very important aspect of our experience as humans?

It’s fundamental to who we are! We are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. 
Spirituality adds an infinitely deeper dimension to human life. It guides us through our troubles, and elevates the joyous times. 

If so, why do you think there is so much resistance to it in society?

Sadly I feel most people are focused on the physical aspects of human life, such as finance, politics, and careers. 
Also fear is a huge problem, in order to open your mind sometimes you have to be exposed to some raw truths about yourself, I think people are afraid of unlocking this deeper level within themselves. 

Describe the feeling creating your art work gives you. .

Pure freedom. No restrictions. A lot of satisfaction and excitement, and sometimes frustration. 
Most importantly, creating brings me back within the moment, to the now.
And as the piece is coming together, I feel emerssed in these otherworldly places. The same places I venture to when I sleep.

What is the biggest thing being an artist has taught you?

Life is just one big journey, and I am lucky enough to be able to watch my journey through my artworks over the years. 
I feel that creating is all about following your inner thread, inward. This thread continuously evolves, you can never go back. You must just continue to continue on this journey to see where it leads.
Another valuable lesson I have learnt from creating is that I can access this magical part of myself and brain at any given moment. I do not need a device, or a drug to experience the euphoric feeling that creating can give.  

What is the most fundamental thing you could change in the world today if you could?

Acceptance. Whether it’s between one another or with ones self. 
I see it far too often; people not recognising their true magic and beauty. And I find it so hard that today we are conditioned to value ourselves by material items or what career we do. Instead of what truley makes us who we are. 

If you are feeling a little low, what’s your go rituals to for a recharge?

Get outside and experience the comfort the mother has to offer. 
When living in the country my garden would be my happy place, I would sit amongst the sweet smelling violets and focus on the magic surrounding me. 
I find that reminding myself that I am not “Rosie”, I’m a soul living as “Rosie”, here to learn and experience. The toughest parts in life I experience are the best parts because they have the most valuable lessons to learn as a human. 

What resonated with you most from reading Fruits For Love?

The entire book resonated with me so much that every time I opened its pages I would feel a wave of comfort reaching around me. 
However at the very start of Josh's book a particular sentence has became life changing. Josh writes about the importance of being at home in nature, and compares it to the chaos of cities. This hit me right in the solar plexus. 
I questioned, "What am I actually striving for in this city?" It was in that moment that I saw the hustle and bustle Josh was writing about and I couldn’t stop dreaming of that tranquil quiet countryside. Since then I’ve been researching quiet coastal towns to move to ever since!
Not saying that is for everyone, and I understand the city life is ideal for some. I just feel so at home surrounded by nature and so removed from the chaotic city life.
However the entire book has resonated with me and stuck with me, and I have recommended it to all my loved ones. 

Most valuable motto or concept you are living by at the moment?

Be present. 
The second I focus my attention on my breath and bring myself to the current moment, all past and future becomes irrelevant and meaningless.

Where can we find your beautiful art work?

@rosiesayersdesign or

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