Who are you, where are you currently as you type this & how are you feeling?

My name is Montana! Who I am is a complex question, as it is for anyone I think haha! What I believe my place here is for is to ignite, create and spread deep joy as far and wide as I can. I use a few different modes to do this - from art, writing, sustainability initiatives, the energy i get to capture and share when modelling .. to a simple smile or present moment. I'm writing this to you from Byron Bay :)

This world can be over stimulating especially with the invention of the internet, as we are constantly engaged with information, the lives of others we don’t necessarily know & a continual comparing of our lives to other. What are you ways of doing your best to stay centred in this?

Oh yes! Meditation has been huge for me through this. Whether it is sitting in peace and quiet, immersing in nature, walking, reading, painting, writing/journalling.. When you are sure of who you are and where you stand, when you take your own untainted downloads from the universe - it is harder to waiver and sway with the outside noise. 

Even though it can be over stimulating. The internet is a beautiful way of connecting and bringing people together from all over the world. What are some of the amazing experiences you have had with being online that wouldn’t of happened without the internet?

Oh so many! The internet has provided me flexibility to travel and flow with work for wherever my heart is drawn to - which is a gift I celebrate every day. I think the biggest gift of all though is being able to see the effects of how the little things I do can inspire people in their day to day lives. From people sending me their first artworks that they felt brave enough to do, to having the courage to pursue their dreams and dream big, to embarking on their journeys in STEM that they have felt more prepared to do since learning from someone just like them who has done it before.. Most of these responses are from young women - which gives me so much purpose and fulfilment knowing I have provided a space where people feel safe and encouraged to glow brighter together.

How have you grown as a model in regards to how you want to represent both yourself and be an example to other woman and younger females especially?

Haha - SO FAR. When I first started modelling it was a means to an end - it was something I did to get myself through University and because everyone was pushing me to do it. Once I realised I was having an impact through this profession as it obviously puts you in the public eye - I realised how important it was to use my voice to stand up for what I believe in. It transitioned pretty seamlessly from commercial modelling to focussing more on sustainability, as I was studying Environmental Engineering at the time and surrounded by the knowledge (and fears) for our future earth. For me to do a modelling job now, it has to encompass my values - of empowerment, self acceptance, nourishment, creativity, consciousness, natural beauty, rawness..

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt since creating such a strong platform for yourself?

There is a real life behind every single number, and they are listening. 

In all of the seriousness that can be delved into with the changes that need to be made on Earth, how do you feel finding balance is in our individual lives to just  have fun, enjoy the simplicity and in a way ‘not take it too serious’ at times?

Haha - this is a very good question for me! Because depending on when you catch me I can be incredibly serious and strong, or giggly and floating around! But no matter what state I'm in - I have a very clear compass for my values and they are at the heart of everything I say and do. I think you catch more flies with honey. My favourite thing to do is lay down some cold hard facts with a big smile on my face in a way that startles people, but encourages and welcomes them to ask more.

What does ‘being spiritual’ mean to you and how has it changed as you have ?

Spirituality I feel is the understanding and connection to soul. Its removing the inner from the outter and acting as an all connected energy. It's understanding that the light in me, deeply sees the light in you and has space for it - even if i don't quite understand it yet.

Your favourite time of the day, and why, how does it make you feel?

Sunset. It's got this softness, effortlessness about it. it makes me feel like 'it's okay to rest now'.

If the world was truly going to end tomorrow, what do you think our collective misunderstanding towards life would be? e.g why did we spend so much time judging one another etc.

Oh man I think the biggest frustration I have with this is the judgement of ourselves - especially women. I see bright, interesting, captivating souls get trapped inside insecurity and fear so inhibiting it prevents them from feeling or sharing their inner light. This breaks my heart and is everything I fight for.  

You are an incredible artist, and we all have the ability to be, what advice would you offer to others who doubt this?

JUST PLAY! It's all about having fun, experimentation, immersing yourself in the colours, exploring your mind. When I start painting I will lose myself in it for hours, often with no intention of what I am going to create. I put on a playlist, light some candles, make a safe space and just let go. I often end up emerging a few hours, or days later, with paint through my hair and all over my clothes and just look at the canvas and think "woah.. where did that came from?!" Haha! Afterwards I always feel this huge sense of release, relief and deep knowing. 

We all seem to be our worst critic at times, what do you do to quieten this critical voice in our heads and give yourself permission to be proud of your journey so far?

I feel like this hasn't really been my journey.. My biggest thing to overcome is less about critiquing what I've already done, and more about never feeling like I've done enough! Haha. I always want to go bigger, further, faster! I feel like meditation through journalling is my most powerful tool for this - as it allows me to reflect and make plans. There's something about writing down what you have achieved and what you want to achieve and how you really feel that makes it clear whether you're being ridiculous or not.. 

Three morals that seem to be consistent in your life are…

Love wholly. Act with intention. Unapologetically express yourself. 

Any simple words of advice to humanity..

More love. 

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