How do you feel at this very moment?
I feel so incredibly content with my life but also very excited about what is to come. Every day I wake with so much enthusiasm, a drive to learn a new piece of information and ALWAYS work towards my goals. I love my life.
What is your current passion or message you are expressing through yourself?
My current passion is to help young people THRIVE. I am in the process of bringing everything I have learnt about mental/physical/emotional health and simplifying the teachings and my personal experiences to help guide young people.
Do you feel like it’s important to balance our spirituality with day to day life, as in not be too up in the air?
YES! We live in such a fast-paced (stressed) world that our entire being craves to be grounded. Being spiritual to me means being aware... present. Present with our emotions & making sure we stay in alignment with our TRUTH.  All day I constantly bring myself back into full presence & breathe & remember what is real. Emotions are real. They are a choice & I always chose the FEELING GOOD emotion. Being spiritual is also A LOT more than this, but this is a good starting point. It's such an incredible experience when you start opening up to spirituality. Life becomes more light-hearted & you become more resilient & lighter yourself. 
What has yoga and mindfulness taught you?
Yoga has been the ultimate stepping stone to where I am right now. Ever since booking myself a solo trip to Bali 2016. I had a mini "awakening". I understood the importance of becoming mindful & listening to my body. I really needed to slow down & yoga was the tool. It was during this time that my love for yoga and soon meditation would continue to blossom.
What are the biggest shifts you’ve noticed in yourself as you’ve grown?
I feel that I have shed an 'old self'. I haven't changed, it's more like I am becoming the person I was always meant to be. It's been an incredible journey. I have grown so much. I know my purpose and I FEEL my purpose.
What was your experience with reading Seeds For Truth, Flowers For Growth & Fruits For Love?
Seeds for Truth was the first book I read after coming back from my first solo Bali trip. I resonated with this book so much. I felt like I had found 'my people'. Young, conscious, benevolent humans. I remember giving it to all my friends, telling them to get their own copy. I believed this was the kind of book that you had to have as your own & carry with you everywhere so you could show people randomly in conversation. I just wanted to share it with everything, especially millennials. When Flowers For Growth blossomed, I once again felt Josh's words to my core & of course with Fruits For Love. They are a trio books that everybody should hold dearly. Thank you Josh.
Do you believe this world is becoming a better place?
YES! I wholeheartedly believe this world is becoming a better place. I pay no attention to the negativity from others or the news or anything that will lower my vibration. I will quickly change the subject to more inspiring news. I choose to only read uplifting news about people doing incredible acts in the world. My goal is to only share this news. I refuse to allow negative garbage into my experience. The World IS becoming a better place.
A concept or motto that you really strive to incorporate into your being?
Integrity & Humility. 
Since taking on a new path & redefining what I stand for, it can be difficult to find your "style". Social media is incredibly influential. I have just come out the end of the SM media 'blockages' and made it really clear to myself how I want to portray myself to the world.
I want to be REAL & VULNERABLE always. 
How do you feel at this very moment now after writing?
I just read everything I wrote back to me... Woah. 
I got some ambitions. I've grown. I'm excited to continue learning & growing & sharing. 
I feel like the HIGH-VIBING creature that we are meant to be.
Love Ki.

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