How are you feeling at this very moment?

I feel cosy, creative, grateful & in love with what is around me.

Describe briefly what you have aligned with at this point in your life and your ways of expressing..

It seems I have aligned into a beautiful part of the world full of creative people, a beautiful partner, beautiful friends & a practice that gives me trust and clarity, keeping me aligned.
At the moment I am expressing through my food & poetry. I guess the way I dress too & the way I create the environments around me...

Do you believe we have a path that is destined for us in our life, or do you feel we kind of create as we grow and evolve? Or is it simply the same thing?

Good question. I believe The Universe is constantly throwing events/ opportunities out to us all. The way in which we react to these situations may or may not align us on our true path. Are we willing to lean into discomfort? Are we willing to follow the heart, instead of our mind's/ societal expectation. We are constantly growing and evolving, just at different paces. Some of us make choices & create lifestyles to excel this growth, some lay dormant in the confinement of their comfort zones. Though, I feel the comfort zone is barren land...Not much grows here. Connect to nature, she will guide you to exactly where you're meant to be.

What is the biggest misunderstanding we can make as humans when we think of ‘food’?

I think we are deep in the hole of convenience, we are eating 'food products'. I always read the labels of any food I am buying. Some of the stuff going into our 'food' is crazy. I think we need to be conscious of exactly what we are eating and educate ourselves as consumers. Corporations intention is profit, not human health...Care for yourself, Health is an investment.
Here's a poem on my thoughts.
our food,
is our fuel.
grown under the blanket of the stars.
kissed by the moonlight
hugged by the sun and rain.
caressed by the breeze.
grown under the earth’s eye.
eat this food.
real food
you are ingesting the universe.
treat each meal
a spiritual
eat in gratitude
and know that
 the whole universe 
is in
every mouthful.

As a male, what has been the most rewarding challenge you have had to face with being an open, emotional and expressive man?

There is definitely an initial fear of opening up publicly about emotion and sharing from a deeper part of myself. I share a lot of words & poetry, and after having a strong awakening experience last year i felt extremely expressive. This was 23 years of emotion being blasted out, haha. Now, writing this way feels right and real, it feels freeing. I hope my expression encourages other men to open up & soften.  

If food can be our medicine, and medicine can be our food, do you think disease only exists because we have tampered with, and moved away from the natural world we once thrived off?

It's definitely a touchy topic, and maybe I'll die of disease one day. I do see my body as a temple. I listen to what it needs & when I don't, I can feel it react accordingly. It doesn't like it. Most humans would eat between 2-6 times a day, this is an opportunity to nourish ourselves with beautiful fresh organic food (which not everyone has access too) made with love. I think disease is stemmed from so many sources. Of course, the Earth is no where near as pure as it once was, there are pollutants everywhere. I'm sure this is a major contributor to disease, maybe stress too. The food we eat, I believe pays a major role in our physical & mental health. Modern life is stressful...

In a world that can be so chaotic and stressful, where can solace be found?

For me, alone in stillness & silence. Sitting by myself in meditation is literally one of my favourite things to do. Learning to slow down the mind & to observe exactly what I am experiencing in each moment. Understanding that everything in the material world is fleeting, impermanent. Find peace within, follow the breath. It'll show the way...
Also, nature never judges. She is always welcoming. Get out there!

Do you feel you would still be an expressive cook if you hadn’t travelled to other cultures or was travelling a very strong shift ?

Travelling was a huge shift for me. My whole life changed in Sri Lanka, late 2014. I met an amazing Yoga teacher. I was 19 at the time, he was 61. He moved like no one I had ever seen before. He was so strong, flexible & alive. Radiant. I wanted to be just like him. He sparked a flame in me that is still burning. This same trip I did a traditional cooking workshop in which I got a lot of inspiration & knowledge from. I saw the purity in which they cooked, making everything from scratch & growing the majority of the ingredients on the family farm. Nothing packaged or in plastic, just whole ingredients. the food was the best I'd ever eaten. I cemented a daily Yoga practice & started cooking with health conscious intentions. It all bloomed from here. 

To live consciously is to…

Be aware of your thoughts, actions and interactions with yourself, those around you & the world. 

When the lights go out, and everything becomes dark, what is it you now see?

This is always different depending on my state of mind at the time. Sometimes my mind is busy, especially if I have a lot of work on. I might see chaos & feel stress. Sometimes my mind is still. When my mind is still, it's like looking through the surface of the ocean. I can see down to the depths. It's beautiful to experience this. To be able to dive into my inner nature where a deep sense of gratitude & love reside. 

A message you would like to share..

Life is a practice. Never stop practicing

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