INTERVIEW: Stephanie Hinton ~ Naturopath ~ The Remedy Kitchen

Name / Location / current mood as you type this? 

Stephanie Hinton / In Sydney's East, on my couch, snuggled up to my dog, Harley / Grounded 

What is your way of making this world a healthier place? (a.k.a your job)

I'm a naturopath and work very closely with women to support them through hormonal conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, menstrual pain etc, but also to help them reconnect with their feminine essence.

How has your journey into this field been, was it always something you have been interested in, or was there a lightbulb moment that opened you into this world?

I had always been interested in health from a young age. Sadly, in hindsight, I think it was bred from insecurity in my life and in the lives of the women in my family.  It wasn't until I completely lost touch with my body after years of neglect, disordered eating and awful self-talk that enough was enough. This all culminated with my 'lightbulb moment'. After years of chronic illness and stress from corporate life, I walked into Erin Lovell Verinder's clinic room in Bronte, Sydney. I remember an instant knowing that naturopathy was actually what I was meant to be doing. It really was a life-changing moment for me. I quit my job not long after that... 

Even though essentially you are teaching others what you have learnt, what is the biggest thing you been taught so far?
I'm really starting to realise that if you don't deal with the emotion/stress or trauma trapped in the body, no amount of herbs, supplements, medicines, surgeries or pharmaceuticals will truly 'heal' you. Every time I present to women, I share my favourite quote by Rumi - 'The wound is the place where the light enters you'. It rings so true to me - the trauma we experience be it emotional or physical is allowing us to evolve and process stored emotion. How we choose to handle it is where the lessons are. 

What do you feel is the biggest misunderstanding people have when they hear the word naturopath or working with ‘alternative’ medicine?
That we're all quacks and that we're not evidence-based. Sadly there are a few people practising who are not registered and you've really got to do your homework before picking your naturopath. That said, I studied for 3 years with over 400 hours of practical training and I regularly attend seminars alongside Western Medical practitioners (GPs, surgeons etc), and they are all wanting to learn how  'natural' or 'alternative' medicine are successfully supporting and treating chronic disease. To me, it feels crazy that people are so terrified of 'natural options'. Yes science is ground-breaking and incredible (and necessary!) but sometimes coming back to basics is our medicine - especially with chronic illness. 

As someone who gives a lot energetically with the type of work you do. What are some essential rituals, self-love, recharges you use for yourself to not feel drained?
Truthfully, I'm still really working on finding that balance. I happily give as much as I can to my clients - but it can often deplete my physical being. My daily practice, without a doubt, is to get into nature - whether it's just standing my feet in the grass or walking my dog or diving in the ocean. I feel claustrophobic if I haven't breathed fresh air all day! I also try and meditate daily and journal when I feel centred enough to do so. Oh! and I eat LOTS of cacao! 

If you close your eyes this very moment before you answer this question.. What is it that comes to mind that you are grateful for first?
My body. It's been giving me messages lately - and I'm grateful that I am tuned in enough to receive them. 

Where do you see yourself going in regards to this life you have created for yourself? 
Hopefully reaching as many women as possible, helping them to heal their relationships with their bodies, reconnect with their feminine energy and make peace with their menstrual cycles!

What advice would the younger Steph like to say to the older Steph now?
You are enough. 
Speak up for yourself. 
Follow your intuition. 

Where can people get in contact with you and your beautiful services?
You can find me at to book a consultation, join my online programs or just have a browse OR say hi on my Instagram @theremedykitchen_stephhinton. Would love to meet you

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