Inner reflection

I have been asking a lot of internal questions as of late, as well as a lot of looking at myself in the metaphorical mirror. Sitting still in the uncomfortableness that would often want to make us move in avoidance. Moving into the shadows without fear and finding light within the darkened parts of our being, the part which we all commonly share and can heal within each other if we accept one another as we are and open a space both within ourselves and to others without judgement of the analytical mind to dissect. From questioning whether I want to use social media anymore, to the ego driven world that exists within the spiritual world of “I can do this in order to fix you” or “have this tonic otherwise you aren’t ‘healthy’" and the merry go round that mimics the system of pyramid schemes which is the very one we turn to spirituality to escape from in the first place, yet we are now heading in the same direction with.

What is my purpose and what place of intention am I coming from is what I have been sitting with most, but above all where is my place in the puzzle of humanity is the crux of it all. Some answers I don’t need to know, but I found myself realigning with my hearts centre. That still point within us all as our circumference of life branches out. My heart just needs to lead, that is what I came down to. However it leads, whether it is sitting and actually listening with full awareness to those around me, photographing the beauty of our world or written expressions from a place within me that I learn most from reading, or to simply smile at a stranger passing by. To share with authenticity and not fall into the trap of saying something simply for the sake of saying it, but to truly mean it. If I am talking a lot, to then allow myself to be silent just as much, for the wisdom we learn comes from hearing it either from our intuition or those around us. To walk even lighter across our Mothers body who teaches us the true art of non-judgement and acceptance. This experience, is divine. I share this in pure grace the magic within us all.  

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