Watering your garden

How important is it, to water our gardens?
This term in itself, can be perceived in many different ways. The benefits we experience when we nourish ourselves, our relationships, family and creative hobbies. And the feeling of when we don't honour ourselves and neglect to water our gardens within. These blog posts that I will begin to share with you, are me offering a part of me, to continually water the gardens of our community of change makers of both the world outside of us, and the world within us. I have come to learn in my experience and journey of myself, is that all we need, whether we know it or not, is a feeling of being connected. Whether that comes from being connected to ourselves, to each other and above all connected to nature and life around us. In a way, all of these things are the same. When we allow ourselves to open individually, it invites others around us to do so as well. We are very sensitive beings in a very over stimulated world. As we constantly stimulate our minds in a way that has accelerated at an alarming rate over the last decade especially. This in itself is a huge cause as to why majority of us experience stress on such a constant basis. As the pressures of doing blocks off our ability to just 'be'. It's ironic, the most natural and simplest form of humans is to 'be', yet it is the hardest practise we can't seem to grasp. Since publishing three books over the last two years, I have experienced first hand the magic of connection, as countless people have reached out to me after reading them expressing that what they read, was everything they had always thought and that it provided them with the confirmation of following their truthful hearts no matter how much the mind wants to interfere. What I want from this blog, is to create a family and to re-connect on a weekly basis with one another through these words. Sharing what I've learnt, experiences I have had and insightful words that have floated through my consciousness during meditations, moments of solace and creative energy that is expressed through photography as I have rekindled my deep love for pausing moments in time to hold in the hands of timelessness. But from this post itself, to begin the journey. I want you to ask yourself, when was the last time you watered your garden of life? Can you recall a recent moment or day, when you felt so completely in tune with your being. Where your body was content and in perfect rhythm. Where your mind was at ease and calm, when no ounce of worry or stress could be experienced and you gave yourself permission to surrender into the subtle moments of life unfolding before your awareness? Perhaps it was a morning when you woke up to a misty Autumn breeze outside, and you sat with a cup of tea listening to the morning birds soothing their songs of gratitude into your soul. Can you remember when this was? If you can't, what is stopping you from doing this? We forget on such a regular basis, that almost every single day we are given the opportunity to truly nourish ourselves the way we deserve. To provide a love for our bodily home that our spirit resides in for this life that allows it to rejuvenate itself and allow us to function at an optimum level as we go about our lives. With all of the concepts and cures available to us, from tonics, to healings, diets to exercises, nothing or no one can know you like your body knows you. Let that sink in. Nothing anyone says to you about your body can know like your body itself knows. And often it is when we just allow ourselves to have a deep, peaceful rest, is when our most healing can take place. Can you provide yourself a space to do this? and if not, what do you need to do in order to make space and put your being as a priority? 
Close your eyes, breathe.




  • Summer Edhouse

    Deep gratitude to you Josh… For the vision of watering my garden and what it means. Im currently travelling around India & just had an in depth conversation with an elderly Indian man about prospect, religion, happiness & desire. This post has just brought all my thoughts together as he constantly asked me… You have all the money in the world, but no time, so what do you do? My garden is my internal thoughts & love. I will continue to water them through out this journey.
    Also, very excited for your new release! (Both mental & in the form of your new book :-).

    Best Wishes !

  • Mandy Collins

    Thankyou Josh for your reminder to water our own garden , I am a 61 year old grandma with 2 beautiful grandchildren living with us for nearly a year now as my daughter and our son in law are renovating their house. Yoga classes and going out for a chai tea helps water my garden! 🙏

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