Energy Of Art


For whatever reason it is. A lot of us are drawn to the energy of being creative. Some of us found it when we were younger, others discovered it when we were older. But we all share the common feeling of what it provides for us internally with what we express externally. Can you remember when you first began being an artist in whatever medium it is you first dabbled in? Can you feel into that freedom in which it provided your being. Like all the weight of pressure had finally lifted off of your shoulders, at least for me that is how it felt. Like a whole new world had opened up, and you wonder how it hadn’t existed this whole time. Our fires as an artist can burn so wild at times, and others it can be a simple flicker a candle, or even nothing at all. As our eb and flows of life itself dictates the way we feel, which can be down, up, side to side and around, as we ride the rollercoaster of what it is to be a human being in a world that can be consumed with structures that tell us following a creative path is a path not worth taking. We build pressure around even our creative work because of the conditionings of society which has done its best to make us compete against each other for status. But why would we dishonour our hearts expressions with the analysing of our mind? The purity of art tainted by the washed brain of negativity. If we are able to always revert back to why we create art, to purely be because of what it makes us feel inside, is that not success in itself. Our creative self is our getaway from being told of how we are meant to live, to a place where we can live purely from within, in a space of no constraints and touch the hearts of others from expressions that come from our own heart. Art is timeless, it lives on long after our body of flesh and bones return to the Earth’s soil. When you create something from your mortal being, it echoes into the furthest point of the future history thats going to unfold. Have you ever thought, that something you express, paint, write, sing, and any other medium, can be felt by generations to come in 50, 100, 200 years time? Is that not beautiful? When you feel yourself criticising not just your art, but your life path in general, ask yourself “what is it that is judging?” and see what your answer is. I believe there is some aspect of our human psyche that from generations of conditioning, simply doesn’t want us to be happy. Have you ever noticed in your highest of high moments of complete utter joyful bliss, that there will still be a tiny voice trying to enter into your thoughts to drag you off of this feeling? and on the other end when you are feeling down, these same thoughts coming from that same place will quickly jump in to tell you how down you feel? If we are able to seperate ourselves from this chatter and allow our expressions to freely blossom, our lives will be much richer from it. We all deserve the abundance of life that can run through our being. The richness of feeling our inward self of creativity dancing outwards into the visible worlds songs of connection. when was the last time you picked up a brush and just went wild on a canvas without any expectation or judgement of the end result? When was the last time you put on your favourite song and just danced without a care of who could be watching? When was the last time you took your journal down to the Oceans side or into a park and sat with you and your thoughts, to write poetry, your manifesting goals, or gratitude for whats in your life? If you have lost touch with your creative side, what is blocking you from letting it Howl into the fullest of Moons? You are you, and no one else is a more beautiful piece of art then you yourself. So share more of it, for the world can only become a more colourful place. In a world of more light, we can then see the dark more clearly. Make art for the simple reason of you wanting to. Because of how it makes you feel. Let judgement of yourself wash away with the tides that flow out. And the worry of what others think float upstream and disappear in your rivers of worth. You are poetry in motion, and only you can sing your song. The more of us that are singing, the more we can harmonise to the frequency of Love, in tune. How do you feel, now?

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