Death & life

Death & life
The same for both are feared.
We live as if death is a final rest,
The fear of the end holds us back from living now,
Looking far into the future,
But we must know death to know life,
For they are the same thing.
To accept dying is to allow birth,
A woman dies to become a newborn Mother,
Each breath shows us beginning and ending,
Every moment we are new and old simultaneously,
Infinitely moving within the finite,
What is it we fear of both living and dying as a togetherness?
Death is a peaceful surrender to change from the familiar,
A gentle flow into newness of unfamiliarity that is birthed,
If we honour death just as much as life,
Then we live within the cycles of Nature,
Nature does not fear impermanence,
Accepting that which is out of our control,
to then take control of our dying,
To then live,

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