Dear Ocean, thank you.

I am sure I can speak on behalf of almost all of us as humans who have experienced the power of the big blue Ocean. And no, I am not talking about the physical power that can come from the mass of water in which she moves in waves. I am talking about the energetic power and how she makes us feel inside. It is one of those things that until you feel it yourself, you will never understand no matter how many times someone tries to explain. For me, I have been blessed to spend majority of my lifetime with the Ocean by my side and I have made a very conscious effort to never take it for granted. Almost every single morning for the last 10 years, I have begun my day by being cleansed by the most holy and sacred of water and every single time it creates a foundation for the rest of my day to follow from that moment of pure connection onwards. The Ocean has held me in my lowest of lows and even those days when you just can’t quite get out of your head, I could still immerse myself and momentarily, a space of peacefulness will present itself for me to swim in to. And even in my highest of highs, the Ocean will celebrate that frequency with me and be able to match it. Pretty amazing really, that whatever state you are in, the Ocean accommodates to hold you in that space. It is one of our purest meditations still left on Earth because technology hasn’t quite infiltrated the waters, as we have no choice but for most of us to leave our phones on land, along with all of the worries, stresses or ‘things’ we have to do, because once we enter the Oceans arms we are able to surrender to the present moment whole heartedly. Some of my greatest lessons in life have been from simply observing the Ocean, the way she moves, her ebs and flows and to respect her power with humility and respect. She has shown me the beautiful practise of surrendering, as I have learnt to let go if a big wave is coming forth my way, to not try to swim away from it, to not do anything, except surrender to the force itself. Once the power of the wave has overtaken my forceless being, even in the motions of her trembling as I am beneath her. This whole other world that momentarily becomes my home away from the world outside we are so accustomed to. The rumbles of the Oceans thunder seeps down into my core, my body rolls and twists in a way that makes me feel alive. As the wave and energy comes, it surely passes just as quick, and my body gently floats to the surface, the whole time I am conscious but I am somewhat not in control. It isn’t until my nostrils breach the liquid and I can feel oxygen penetrate through into my lungs do I regain movement of the body in which my spirit exists in. Fascinating isn’t it, how subtle moments of a mere 5 seconds can provide such a lifelong sense of expansion and existence.
To live a life with a relationship to the Ocean is a lifetime bond for me, my heart energetically has an umbilical cord that reaches into the deepest depths of the Ocean and I have no desires to cut this bond, I could spend each morning by her side and never travel abroad again because deep down I know that what she offers cannot be matched by things that are man made. The blue that fills my cup continuously. Thank you for making a smile that is more often than not already on my face, but making it even bigger because of your unconditional Love. 

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  • Alice

    This speaks so deeply to my heart… I praise and adore the ocean and all that she is. Nothing compares to her.

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