Birthing Life


This world most of the time can make perfect and clear sense, at others, it is jumbled and sense is lost within the chaos of humanity. Most of the time, it is connected, fruitful and abundant. Every now and then the flow will cease momentarily. Our paths in which we find that align us with our inner truths will be so strong and we will march to our own rhythm without worry. Along the journey something will wobble us off track and we will lose sight of where we were going, even questioning if we were on a path to begin with. And then there are moments of utter clarity, that dissolves away any of this altogether and we are able to see the miracle in its grandest way. This cycle in which we call birth I am sure can provide that humbled clarity for almost all of us. This, is the miracle in which we have all experienced in one way or another. Whether you are the father who helped create, or the Mother who then created within your womb and with the strength that only Mothers can know, brought this creation into the world itself. Or if you are a young man, women, girl or boy, you still, have been apart of this experience thank to your parents, and their parents, and their parents parents, as the lineage of magic unravels into the deepest depths of humanities origins. It was an honour to photography a sister towards the end of this voyage into the Oceans of Motherhood to come. A privilege to be able to pause moments in time to hold in the hands of timelessness. Blessings.


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