Balancing within

I believe.

That one day in the coming future, I don’t mind how long it takes but of course sooner the better. That we can walk hand in hand, all of us. A lot of us are not responsible for what the generations have caused before us. Women especially over the course of herstory (history) have been treated in a way that is beyond disrespectful,  they have been shamed and violated to the point of being embarrassed and insecure for the natural rhythms of life in which they have so preciously been gifted. Us as men, will never know of this sacred cycle that women journey through every single month. But we can simply do our best to both acknowledge this and become selfless in our softening to learn as much as we can to provide a more safer environment for our women, the mothers who already are and to be, and for the younger females to bloom freely without suppression across all areas of their life. This world should not be ruled by one sex only, the patriarchal system has faulted us for too long, and a matriarch will only cause the same result, as much as women would run this world in a more peaceful way, the more out of balance we are on one side of the pendulum, the more it will want to swing the other direction. It is simply time to begin closing the gap and allow our songs to become in tune with one another, balanced. Because of the way in which women have been pushed down out of the masculine ego, they have had to fight for their rights, which should never have been taken away from them. Rights that men do not have any right in itself to control and it is a certainty this need to control is out of fear and insecurity itself. The tears, violence and blood shed from women because of men must now be worn on our hands to show we are sorry, that we take responsibility. We must soften. This doesn’t mean you are weak, it simply means you are strong enough to be vulnerable and show your feminine qualities and see yourself in the sisters, mothers and daughters before you. To be strong is to lead by example out of selflessness to allow those with you to be safe, it isn’t to lead to simply have the ego nourished in thinking you are better then another or leading some sort of race fuelled by greed. I believe this can happen, that the men are strong enough in themselves to drop the armour that we have been conditioned to think is how we are meant to be, that women can flourish in their mighty power that men can only surrender to in awe of the magic bestowed within them, the givers of life and the flowers of the cycle.
Images from an Autumns afternoon a few days back..

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